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Aging Aging: A method invented by Arcane Moriph to enhance the statistics of items.
Ancients: The ancient civilization, is how it's called the humans who lived between the Second War of Gods and Wrath of Tempritos, possessed superior intellectual and mechanical knowledge.
Ancient Weapon: Weapon first designed by Midranda able to suck the power of Tempritos, but was never used. It was rebuilt by humans who broke out of Wrath of Tempritos.
Archaeans: Clan formed by an old nomad tribe. Owners of unprecedented Knowledge of spiritual magic.

Bellatra: It is championship organized by the Great Council to train and test the adventurers for a war. The creation of Bellatra happened in the Babel invasion that led several monsters towards the desert and throughout Priston, many warriors began to visit the city of Navisko. In some sort of pilgrimage. The Arcadia clan requested that the counsil to isolate the Monsters in a tower, a bell tower.

Note: The name Bellatra comes from "bellator" which means combat and "paleastra" which means training in ancient language.

Bless Castle:
  • Efria: Name of the planet where the continent of Priston is located.
  • Enigma: Another immaterial dimension, where everything that has already been killed in other dimensions is found.
  • Ether: Particle capable of controlling space, was discovered from Fusion.
Force Orb:
Fusion: Knowledge acquired through Shelltons studies, yielding extensive mathematical calculations transcending what is known as "magic." The study of the fusion was terminated by the Great Kingdom, ending any source to it to prevent future disasters and such knowledge falling into Wrong hands.

1st God's War: God's First War, where Midranda confronted Tempritos and was defeated
2nd God's War: Second War of the Gods, this time, midranda had an army and also a weapon capable of siphoning the powers of Tempritos, ends up losing and is sealed inside the Enigma.
Glyphs: Coded magic symbols, an of ancient language used by the gods, capable of siphoning magical powers is widely used in divine spells and teleportation centers.
Great Council: Originated through the union of Royal Wise and Neo Age, was instrumental in the creation of Fusion and in the recovery of the plague. Today is the right hand of the Great Kingdom.
Great Kingdom: It is the representation of all the kingdoms of the continent, manages resources and laws for the priston population.

Heretics: Humans who do not believe in Tempritos, heretics have played a key role in the discovery of sheltons.
The Winged Death: The great Prague released by the Igolans in an attempt to end the human race, used the soul of Valentina to spread the plague.


Igolian: Named the religion that follows Midranda, they seek means of bringing their God back from the Void dimension.
Imperial Guard: Formed initially by Spies of the ancient Tempskron Empire, the Imperial Guard today became a major political force on the continent. Sustained by religion, it seeks a balanced society and greater military and technological power.

Lesser Gods: Smaller gods created by Tempritos, fundamental to giving birth to the human virtues, were also responsible for protecting the tribes currently known as Tempskron and Morions.

Mixing: A crafting method to enhance the statistics of items.

NeoAge: It was a Tempskron-based organization where engineers focused on understanding and changing technology and mechanics on the continent.

Old Gods: Greater Gods composed of Midranda and Tempritos, they are the origins responsible for the creation and maintenance of the universe, with the disappearance of both, the balance was undone.

Pritonic: Named the religion that follows Tempritos and the lesser gods.
Priston: The name of the World.

Royal Mage: Founded by a large body of council members and former Royal Wise members, it comes as a political opposition to the Imperial Guard, a fight for freedom of knowledge and the recovery of the Ancient technology.
Royal Wysen: It was a Morion-based organization that focused on sages to discuss, enhance and create new types of Spells,

Sheltom: They are formed from ores with magical powers, these minerals have undergone alteration with the amount of magic expelled during Wrath of Tempritos. From the discovery of the shelltons the magical power began to be controlled by the technology and alchemy.

Warpgate: Made through Ether particles, it is able to control space and take one matter from one mechanical station to another (warpgate) to the other.
Wrath of Tempritos: Episode given after the re-construction of the Anciet Weapon by humans in an attempt to steal the power of the gods, Tempritos released a large amount of energy that devastated the entire continent.
Top Level
_n00b_ Class
SoNois PvP
Bless Castle
-TuTu- Class
SoD Top10 Player Ranking
# Player Score Kills
1 -TuTu- Class 22462955 661
2 PeterJ Class 22195820 672
3 -Laughing Class 22174115 650
4 -Samurai- Class 17878740 649
5 -LoveYou- Class 17163345 703
6 Haze89 Class 16887765 681
7 -Noah- Class 16721500 675
8 EliteG Class 16718550 698
9 PhucAn Class 16424630 698
10 -Sieghart- Class 16338975 660
SoD Top10 Clan Ranking
# Clan Score Kills Members
PvP Top10 Player Ranking
# Player Level Battle EXP Kills Deaths K/D Ratio Streak
1 KACAROTO 155 3052 473 128 3.70 -1
2 _EL.Nino_ 153 2367 272 94 2.89 3
3 Mr.Chico 154 1207 188 86 2.19 -1
4 _Kobax_ 151 908 221 146 1.51 7
5 _n00b_ 160 849 90 36 2.50 4
6 NamYet 160 817 177 103 1.72 -2
7 oz- 151 764 248 207 1.20 9
8 -Yakuza- 148 701 115 49 2.35 2
9 GordO. 155 666 161 108 1.49 -1
10 Together... 156 491 72 22 3.27 2
PvP Top10 Clan Ranking
# Clan Battle EXP Kills Deaths K/D Ratio Streak
1 SoNois 32518 11103 8336 1.33 -1
2 PeaceMaker 22001 8603 7344 1.17 -13
3 HoiBanhBeo 16638 2210 1135 1.95 -4
4 ForFuN 1217 334 260 1.28 -1
5 GM 370 118 78 1.51 14
6 Prism 228 65 38 1.71 -2
7 Just4Me 134 20 16 1.25 -8
8 MysticJunior 131 12 2 6.00 5
9 zZzTop1zZz 127 6 0 6.00 6
10 TopDawg 126 7 2 3.50 -1
Top10 Level Ranking
# Player Level
1 _n00b_ 160
2 -n00b- 160
3 NamYet 160
4 Mr.Ly 159
5 DLM 158
6 Mr.Lucifer 158
7 Jiann 157
8 NghiQuan 157
9 SBY 157
10 Wolf 157