Hello, and welcome to RealmPT Server Online 20:41
Here is a list of main controls, game commands, and a few tips & tricks, they are convenient and you will find them very useful.
To use a command, simply type it in the chat box.

Mouse : left clickPick up items on floor or inventory / Select a player / Open a shop window / Attack an enemy with primary attack.
Mouse : hold left clickFollow a player who is running / Keep attacking an enemy with primary attack until it dies.
Mouse : right clickAttack an enemy with secondary attack.
Mouse : hold right clickKeep attacking an enemy with secondary attack until it dies.
Mouse : hold middle buttonTurns the camera around : left / right / zoom in / zoom out.
Mouse : scroll wheelMove the camera up and down. Can also be done with Ctrl + Up / Down arrows.
Up / Down arrowsZooms in and out.
Right / Keft arrowsTurns the camera to the right / left. To change the rotation direction, see settings window guide (option #10).
ZChanges the type of camera. Auto forces the camera to move behind your character. Manual forces the camera to stick to a specific orientation. Lock forces the camera to stay fixed, and stops you from changing things with the mouse wheel.
COpens/hides the character panel. It contains all your characters statistics. Raise your statistics here everytime you level up.
SOpens/hides the skill panels. You gain your first skill point at level 10. Go to the skillmaster to learn it.
To set a skill as primary attack, left click on it. For secondary attack, do a right click.
TNEW When skill panel is open, pressing T will switch to the next page of skills (with Tier 5 skills)
F1 - F8Quick switches for skills. To set a skill : hold right click on a skill in the Skill Panel and press a F key of your choice. To switch to that skill during combat, simply press the corresponding F key.
4-5-6-7NEW Same as F1 - F8 but only for use with Tier 5 skills.
1-2-3Uses a potion from your three potion slots.
Shift + 1-2-3Refills your potion slots when hovering a potion in your inventory (it has to be the same type of potion)
VOpens/hides the inventory panels.
ESwitches your inventory page (2 slots). The quest inventory can only be accessed manually.
YLocks/unlocks your inventory. When your inventory is locked you can't take items on the floor, and you can't touch the items in your inventory. It's a security to not lose your items during intense battles !
WSwitches your weapon slot (2 slots).
Q / DOpens/hides the Quest and Community(friends/party/clan) windows.
ESCHides the chatbox. Press Enter to open it again.
When browsing a player's Personal Shop, you can close it with ESC to make browsing several shops convenient.
SpaceCloses current panel.
XShows the Exit / Settings menu
BackSpaceHides/shows borders around drops, players and npc names.
AShows the drops on floor, to make it easier for you to recognize them and pick them up.
RToggles run/walk.
TABShows/hides the mini map. Green dots : NPCs. Yellow dots = party members. Red dot : party member out of reach.
MOpens the full screen world map. You can also open this by double clicking on the mini map.
F10Opens/hides the settings window. Here you can configure the game resolution, graphic settings, and macros.
F12Quick menu for relogging or leaving the game.
Ctrl + HomeTakes a screenshot as BMP with date and time.
Ctrl + EndTakes a screenshot as BMP, without HUD (hp/mp bars, inventory...)
Alt + EnterNEW Toggle between fullscreen and windowed mode (using this shortkey the game will take your monitor's resolution when switching to full screen).

The happy dance !
@ message
/PARTY> message
/P> message
(press TAB in chatbox)
Sends message to all party members
/CLAN> message
/C> message
(press TAB in chatbox)
Sends a message to all clan members.
/CLAN>> messageClan Leader or Vice sends a message to all clan members.
/TRADE> message
/T> message
Sends a message to all players in the server.
/:'charname'Checks if player is online and if so in which Game Server.
/:'charname' messageSends a private message (PM) to player.
/party 'charname'Sends a long distance party invitation to player.
/party_levelRetrieves party level.
Enables/Disables whisper messages.
Enables/Disables party invation.
Enables/Disables trading.
/fpsDisplays your FPS on the screen.
/PingChecks your ping to the Login Server and Game Server.
/Ping 'charname'Checks the ping of a given player to the Login Server and Game Server.
Cancels all ongoing quests.
/DiceDraws a random number between 0 and 999 that will be announced to players nearby.
/ResetHeadResets your headmodel to default. Useful if you are headless.
/SendCoin 'charname'
/SendCoins 'charname'
Sends coins to a given person.
/mute 'charname'Mutes a player (Voice Chat).
/unmute 'charname'Unmutes a player (Voice Chat).
/HideMeHides your character model from the screen (good for screenshots).

Where are my screenshots ?In /save/screenshots/
Lower Graphics during events!If you experience many game crashes or DCs (Disconnect with Server) errors.
You can very easily reduce these errors by lowering your game graphic settings (Resolution, Graphic Details,...), you can do this with the settings panel (press F10)
Play around with the game settings until you experience the best game play!
Press down arrow after loading gameAfter loading the game, if you use the free view mode, you can press the arrow down button to zoom out a little more.
Press F1 during game loadIn case you have problems with the game, this resets all the game settings : double click on the launcher, press and hold F1 until the login screen appears.
Top Level
_n00b_ Class
PeaceMaker PvP
MissPeach Class
Bless Castle
-TuTu- Class
SoD Top10 Player Ranking
# Player Score Kills
1 -TuTu- Class 22462955 661
2 PeterJ Class 22195820 672
3 -Laughing Class 22174115 650
4 -Samurai- Class 17878740 649
5 -LoveYou- Class 17163345 703
6 Haze89 Class 16887765 681
7 -Noah- Class 16721500 675
8 EliteG Class 16718550 698
9 PhucAn Class 16424630 698
10 -Sieghart- Class 16338975 660
SoD Top10 Clan Ranking
# Clan Score Kills Members
PvP Top10 Player Ranking
# Player Level Battle EXP Kills Deaths K/D Ratio Streak
1 MissPeach 150 258 53 12 4.42 -1
2 HIT-and-RUN 150 195 17 6 2.83 2
3 Mr.Lambreta 154 176 14 1 14.00 -1
4 iNewbie 154 133 16 12 1.33 2
5 NamYet 160 121 6 0 6.00 6
6 Rosenkov 151 109 8 1 8.00 8
7 Aldevaran 131 101 11 5 2.20 2
8 -War- 141 78 7 3 2.33 5
9 CondeMauaH 137 39 6 2 3.00 -1
10 XBurguer 138 29 12 6 2.00 -1
PvP Top10 Clan Ranking
# Clan Battle EXP Kills Deaths K/D Ratio Streak
1 PeaceMaker 26111 8206 6544 1.25 1
2 SoNois 19718 8510 6740 1.26 -1
3 HoiBanhBeo 16390 2034 995 2.04 7
4 ForFuN 1400 314 235 1.34 -5
5 GM 370 118 78 1.51 14
6 Prism 228 65 38 1.71 -2
7 Just4Me 134 20 16 1.25 -8
8 MysticJunior 131 12 2 6.00 5
9 zZzTop1zZz 127 6 0 6.00 6
10 BrosOFarms 79 7 5 1.40 4
Top10 Level Ranking
# Player Level
1 _n00b_ 160
2 -n00b- 160
3 NamYet 160
4 Mr.Ly 159
5 DLM 158
6 Mr.Lucifer 158
7 Jiann 157
8 NghiQuan 157
9 SBY 157
10 Wolf 157